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नौशीन अली better known as Nausheen Ali or nausheen, is an Indian-born American actress, singer and songwriter. She rose to fame as Babushka in the hit Clearstime original series Babysitter. She is a member of the girl group WE5WOMEN. Ali and her bandmates released six studio albums, Babysitter It Up Girlz, Salute (2014), Get Weird (2015), Glory Days [along with a 2018 re-issue] (2016), Z5 (2019) and Confetti (2020).

Ali began to establish herself as a solo artist with the release of her debut single Fight Song, which was written for the 5:13 original soundtrack; a film Ali also starred in. She released her debut concept album Sweetest Devotion in 2017, which topped the Billboard 200 chart. This album also earned her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist the following year, which she won.

Her most recent single is "She", and it was released on January 8, 2021.


"She Loves Control" is a single featuring American recording artist and actress Zendaya. It was released in Summer 2018.

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  • He Bhagavaan was Nausheen's first released bilingual song, where the chorus is in Hindi and the verses are in English.
  • She has Asperger syndrome and suffers from ADHD.
  • Her favourite movie is Pitch Perfect.
  • She knows how to cook and she loves cooking Indian food.
  • She loves being on social media and interacts with her fans every chance she gets.
  • She wears glasses all the time, but when she's onscreen or on stage, she wears contact lenses.

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